Community Health and Acupuncture

By Chad Dupuis
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Well, here we are, the end of the first month of our new sliding scale community acupuncture clinic. We've had a great turnout, good coverage from the local media, and many satisfied patients. We've seen existing patients and many who are new to acupuncture, now able to receive treatment due to lowered costs and the removal of other barriers. The experience has been interesting for all, certainly, and I've learned some new things and verified a lot of feelings I've had about acupuncture and its role in our society.

The community aspect of acupuncture, that is, sitting in a room full of people all having the same hopes for health and wellness is a powerful experience. In some ways it is the direct antithesis of a doctors waiting room. It is an experience that is relaxing and ultimately leads to a feeling of community and positive aspirations for all present. This is different from a support group where we see others with the same issues we have and we talk about our experiences. Here we see others who are somewhere along the path of healing and without even talking we understand that we are all going somewhere better than where we have been. 

I've been reminded of the powerful simplicity of acupuncture. It is an amazing form of medicine and so very different from our western medical system. All systems have their place and there is a tremendous burden on our western doctors and the system in its entirety. It has been asked to accomplish everything, something nothing can do. It's no surprise, then, that it fails us in many ways. With our many stress related illnesses, complex conditions developed from a combination of lifestyle, diet, environment, and other causes, there are many places where western treatment falls short. Acupuncture and the thousands of years of theory and research that support it, has a way of looking into these complex relationships and instead of treating “conditions” it treats people and their patterns.  

While no medical system, including acupuncture, can treat everything, what I love about acupuncture is the worse that will happen is people will relax and feel better even if their main condition is not changing significantly. This is rare for a medicine to essentially “do no harm.” And you cannot underestimate the value of simple wellbeing with regards to your overall health.  

Thankfully acupuncture does successfully treat a very broad range of conditions, so people enjoy their path to health and it's wonderful when they reach it. What's different is that when their condition resolves, most people have learned something along the way. It's not that something just took their pain away, or removed their condition, no they had to answer questions about their lives, their community, they had to examine their minds and their role in contributing to their health issues, and this is a stage in transformation. Sometimes I view acupuncture as simply a tool to remove barriers to your pursuit of health. With the help of Chinese Medicine and the educated involvement of each person the experience of acupuncture can lead to changes that will last a lifetime and promote health over the years.

It is certainly rewarding to be able to provide something in a community format such as this which has such potential yet is so simple and accomplished without harm. I've found it interesting how at peace everyone appears to be within the community clinic. Surely, I know well that acupuncture is very often a relaxing experience, but the amount of ease that people experience within the clinic that is busy, certainly not without some commotion, and out in the open, was a reminder to me of the good graces that people can feel amongst each other when something positive is happening.  

All in all the potential for acupuncture in this format is amazing. And, this along with our other offerings of meditation, qi gong and tai chi, and the multitude of other positive practices and changes you can strive for, can well lead people into a new era of involved health care. These are complex but ultimately exciting times should we choose to direct our path in a positive way. Along with our friends, family, and our community, our individual efforts gain a strength that can instill faith and confidence in all. What better time than now to begin sharing this...  

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Community Health and Acupuncture

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Authored by: Chad Dupuis on 17 February 2009

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