Covid-19 Updates For Our Local Chattanooga Patients :: From the Yin Yang House

By Chad Dupuis
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I wanted to send a quick note out to our local Chattanooga patients and students regarding our procedures and plans during the coronavirus pandemic.

First, for you, our patients, we will remain open as long as we consider it safe for our patients. We ask a few things of you and have some related notes below.

For our students we will be cancelling all in person classes until further notice. I will continue our live broadcasts for the Tuesday night qigong practice. I encourage many of you to try to attend virtually as qigong has a range of immune benefits that are even more important during these times.

For our patients:

  • Are You Coming? ::: Please if you are not coming to your appointment, let us know in advance. It's easy to do from either your appointment reminder email or by calling, emailing, or texting us. We have an extensive wait list and many who really need to be here.
  • Active Symptoms? ::: If you have active coranavirus symptoms or have tested positive, we ask you not to come to acupuncture, we will, however, be available to provide you with herbal medicine which someone can pickup or we can mail to you. There is a range of Chinese herbal formulas, particularly in the early stages and/or recovery stages, that can be quite helpful (our next blog post will cover some of these -- here it is).
  • What's that smell? ::: You may notice a smoky odor in the building - this is from a technique called moxibustion which you can read about here. We most often give this as a home treatment for various conditions, but we may be doing more in office. Moxibustion has both positive effects on immunity with patients directly and it offers some antibacterial and antiviral effects as a fumigate.
  • Financial concerns? ::: while there will be limits to our own ability to provide this, if serious financial issues have arisen due to the current pandemic please discuss that with us and we may at our discretion offer discounted treatments for existing patients.

Out of an abundance of caution, we will be doing a few things on our end:

  • While this is more or less business as usual for us, we will be cleaning common areas consistently and leaving more time between patients in individual treatment rooms (attempting to leave 45 minutes between) the treatment rooms to limit potential exposure.
  • We will also be trying to extend distance between patients while in our reception area, using our classroom space to do so, so you may be asked to sit somewhere else when you come in for your appointment - please don't take offense as this. As we know the individual circumstances of every individual who comes in, some we will extremely cautious with due to their risk factors.

We are here for you and wish you and your families the best during these challenging times, please reach out if you need anything or have any questions.

Covid-19 Updates For Our Local Chattanooga Patients :: From the Yin Yang House

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Authored by: Chad Dupuis on 16 March 2020

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