DVD Review of 9000 Needles Acupuncture Documentary

By Chad Dupuis
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Acupuncture is becoming better and better understood in the west as time goes on but in some other countries it is already very well integrated into the "western" medical establishment.  This integration is perhaps less important - outside of mutual respect and understanding - for less significant health issues but it is crucial for the types of conditions that require aspects of both Chinese and Western systems of medicine.  Stroke recovery is one of those types of cases where a well integrated approach, particularly immediately, can greatly improve the overall outcome of the patient.  The documentary "9000 needles" follows the personal story of Devin Dearth, a resident of Kentucky, through what Western medicine offered him following a traumatic brain stem bleed and the resulting trip to one of China's best stroke rehabilitation programs that well integrates the two systems of medicine.

One of the issues with Devin's recovery was, as one might expect, limitations on insurance payments and the incredible rise of health care costs in the US particularly.  These issues are well described within the documentary and it makes his decision to go to China directly for treatment all the more necessary.  But it was not simply a financial decision, the combined modalities used in China offered Devin something that he could not get in the same way here.  While it is true (and I wonder why they didn't talk about this at all) that you can combine western medicine and treatment from a licensed acupuncturist on your own, for the type of constant daily care and rehab that Devin required initially, centers like the one he traveled to in Tianjian China are very important.

His story and his recovery is ongoing but it is a worthwhile watch for both practitioners and the general public alike.  Movies of this nature are important for pushing the boundaries of what we deem acceptable and appropriate care and for looking beyond our own particular methods of medicine.  Very enjoyable and educational movie overall, highly recommended.

DVD Review of 9000 Needles Acupuncture Documentary

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Authored by: Chad Dupuis on 26 September 2011

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