New Schedule Change to Build a Tuesday Night of Healing (for free), Tai Chi & Meditation Class Changes

By Chad Dupuis
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We have made a couple small changes to our current class schedule to move all of our free self-help and healing classes to one evening instead of having them broken up over multiple evenings.  What this will create is an entirely free evening where people can come to our energy healing class (tong ren) and receive energywork, then practice basic and easy to learn qi gong exercises that they can do later on their own and finish the evening with meditation (basic instruction provided).

There are explanations of all of these techniques on our website.  In short, they all have very proven health benefits that go far beyond what many people might expect.  And the continuous frequent practice of these techniques has a host of deep health benefits that offset many of the processes of aging, inflammation and stress.

Our new class schedule is as follows (effective Monday Nov. 4th):

TUESDAY nights (all classes are free, open to the public, and broadcast live on the internet)

Then on Thursdays we will now have another free meditation class from 7:30-8pm for those interested following our paid tai chi class which is from 6:30-7:30pm.  Our Saturday tai chi class (paid) will stay the same at 9-10:30am.  See our hours page for the entire list and our community health offerings for related offerings and links to more details.


New Schedule Change to Build a Tuesday Night of Healing (for free), Tai Chi & Meditation Class Changes

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Authored by: Chad Dupuis on 1 November 2013

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