Study Recommends Acupuncture to Improve Quality of Life in Advanced Cancer Patients

By Chad Dupuis
Tagged in Acupuncture and Research

There have been a host of studies along with significant long-term clinical experiences in aiding advanced cancer patients with acupuncture and associated techniques.  As of yet, however, acupuncture is largely an adjunctive technique sought out by individual cancer patients who, generally, are unable to find the help they need from western medicine.  A small preliminary study recently published in the Integrative Cancer Therapies Journal ends with the conclusion that 

an 8-week outpatient acupuncture course is feasible for advanced cancer patients and produces a measurable benefit that should be evaluated in controlled trials


The researchers found overall improvements from acupuncture in pain severity and interference, physical and psychological distress, life satisfaction, and mood states in all of the subjects - even those who discontinued early due to scheduling demands or further health complications.  These benefits outlasted the 8 week treatment program up to at least 3 months.

Through studies like these, including studies looking at our own energy healing system for cancer - Tong Ren Therapy, cancer patients will soon be more aware of options that they did not know existed.

Study Recommends Acupuncture to Improve Quality of Life in Advanced Cancer Patients

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Authored by: Chad Dupuis on 27 May 2010

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