The Yin Yang House Has Added An Acupuncturist... Along with Other Changes...

By Chad Dupuis
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The Yin Yang House Acupuncture and Wellness Center in Chattanooga has undergone some very positive changes in the last couple years.  All of it is thanks to our many wonderful patients and students, all of whom we love helping and working with. 

Our first change was the addition of our Community Acupuncture Clinics which have been very well received (almost too well! - more on that below...).  Second, it was our move over to the southside into our dramatically renovated old liquor store.  Then we started live broadcasts of our weekly tong ren therapy class and our qi gong exercise class.

Lately it's been some staff changes

Welcome Stephen - our new associate acupuncturist.

First, we are delighted to welcome Stephen Sedita, L.Ac. to our staff as an associate acupuncturist.  Stephen comes from Florida, has an extensive background in brain science and oriental medicine, and has been undertaking training in our system of acupuncture and healing.  He is licensed in Tennessee by the board of medicine.

Stephen will be helping during the community clinics where you will now be able to choose Chad Dupuis, Stephen Sedita or first available.  This will hopefully make the clinics more efficient and reduce the long wait times (thank you for your patience up to this point!). 

Stephen will also be available for private appointments where he will work independently during our new extended hours.  Our new hours include Mondays (which we know many of our restaurant, stylist and other service related patients will be happy to have back).  Our newly revised schedule is available here.  You can read more about Stephen here, and schedule appointments by contacting our office.

Welcome Danielle - our new massage therapist and assistant.

We are also delighted to officially welcome Danielle Bryant, LMT to our staff as an acupuncture assistant and massage therapist.  Danielle helps us within the acupuncture practice by providing tuina, Chinese Medical Massage, after each treatment along with chair massage during the community clinics.  She also offers private appointments for 30 minute, 1 hour and 1.5 hour western massage therapy treatments.  You can read more about Danielle here, and contact our office for appointments.

More Hellos and Goodbyes To Our Office Staff.

We are happy to have Ali and Carissa our two new office managers with us.  They help find appointments for those in need and keep our office running smoothly. 

We are sad to see Shannon, our long-time office manager, go - but she has family calling in her hometown and we are happy for her and her family.  We have also seen Tammy, our previous massage therapist, return to her hometown to be closer with family.  Family is important and we wish them both well in their new pursuits and thank them for all the help they offered over the years!

Well that's about all the change, besides our digital record keeping system, that we can handle for a few months.  We hope these changes allow us to continue to serve all of our current patients as well as our skills, gifts and grace allow.  And we look forward to helping those future patients that are on their way in.  Thank you!

The Yin Yang House Has Added An Acupuncturist... Along with Other Changes...

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Authored by: Chad Dupuis on 14 July 2013

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