Our Chattanooga Office Is Relocating To Lee Hwy Next Month (8/19/19)

By Chad Dupuis
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It is with mixed emotions that we announce that our Chattanooga office on Main Street will be moving to 7053 Lee Hwy, Suite #305 most likely starting August 19th, 2019. While our recent newsletter goes through much of the details, for those not receiving our newsletter, below are the details. Please contact us with any questions.

:::Where are you moving?

Our new Chattanooga office will be at 7053 Lee Highway, Suite #305, Chattanooga, TN 37421. It is in a office complex called the "london center" about 1/4 of a mile past the intersection of lee and shallowford if you are coming from downtown. The sign on Lee Hwy says 7047 Lee Hwy, but our building is technically 7053, either works to get there. Here is a link to google maps.

:::When are you moving?

Again, our current plans are to open there on August 19th, 2019, but we will announce a firm date as we get closer to knowing for certain.

:::Why are you moving?

The building we were in was sold, so we have to move. Location wise our patients are fairly evenly distributed so while our new location works great for some, we understand its a little farther for some others. There are, however, many ways to get there that avoid the highway and the lee hwy side of that area is far less congested than the mall side, for example, so we think it will work out well.

:::Will anything else change?

Essentially no, although we will have some new expanded hours that start next week in preparation for the move. For Chad, his days and hours don't change much except for the addition of a few times in the Saturday community clinic. For Senad, he will now have Monday appointments and a Tuesday and a Thursday community clinic. Our Dalton office will not be affected by this move.

Our Chattanooga Office Is Relocating To Lee Hwy Next Month (8/19/19)

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Authored by: Chad Dupuis on 26 July 2019

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