An Overview of Tong Ren Therapy by William Daly, MD

By Chad Dupuis
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I am reprinting an excellent article written by William Daly, MD a gifted and unique physician and Tong Ren Therapy proponent based in Andover, MA.  His writing provides a clear analysis and approachable introduction to our energy healing system - Tong Ren Therapy.  Very worthy of sharing with our readers....

Tong Ren Therapy is a powerful form of energy healing. It can achieve extraordinary healing by combining complementary elements of Western and Eastern medicine, and is spreading rapidly throughout the USA and around the world. Its popularity is driven by success at healing or controlling various cancers and other debilitating conditions that have not responded to traditional Western medicine or to Eastern therapies.

Western medical science has developed sophisticated understandings of anatomy, physiology, neurology, biochemistry and cell function. We understand that the health of each organ in the body requires a supply of nutrients, which are mostly transported by blood circulation. Many organs require hormonal stimulation to function normally, and other organs become diseased if they stop receiving ongoing electrical and chemical stimulation via the nervous system. We cannot see any of these functions with the naked eye, so in recent years Western science has developed tools to estimate some of these mechanisms. But no one understands the cause of many serious illnesses, including most cancers, degenerative diseases and autoimmune diseases. And most of these have no cure.

Eastern medicine understands that the body requires a continuous supply of an additional form of energy to remain healthy. Each organ needs a natural flow of bioelectricity or Chi energy, and interruption or blockage of that necessary bioelectric signal leads to disease. We have not yet developed tools to measure Chi energy, but many people are able to feel its effects, and studies are beginning to show its healing power.

  Dr. Carl Jung discovered that East and West have fundamentally contradictory but complementary "attitudes" and understandings of the body, of the mind and of healing. Neither approach is adequate alone, as evidenced by many incurable diseases. Both are necessary components of a healing system to treat all aspects of the whole person, and allow the body to heal or cure those same illnesses.

  Tong Ren incorporates Western science with Eastern wisdom, but is not simply the sum of two sciences. Its healing power grows a quantum leap by harnessing another natural tendency we have all observed in nature: Synchronicity. The animal kingdom demonstrates a capacity we share.

The perfectly synchronized movements of birds flying in a flock, or fish swimming in a school are not coordinated by the usual senses of sight, sound, smell, feel or taste -- but rather by "brainwave entrainment" with an instinctive commonality. They move in perfect harmony because each is connected with the brainwave energy and patterns of the group. A natural propensity toward synchronization is even seen in non-biologic systems, such as two pendulum clocks side-by-side on a wall gradually moving into harmony. And research shows that the human brain has a Frequency Following Response, tending to change its dominant electroencephalogram patterns toward the frequency of external stimuli.

Dr. Carl Jung, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, and more recently Gary Zukav and others have described the evolving development of an unconscious human commonality, the Collective Unconscious. As an anthropologist, Teilhard traced the natural evolution of life on earth from the development of cells, then plants, through animal and finally human form. This visible biologic evolution then progressed to internal intellectual development, and now finally to globally evolving organization on the level of spirit-energy or the Collective Unconscious. We are all part of this upward spiral of organization, regardless of our awareness. In Tong Ren Therapy we tap into this vast reserve of healthy bioelectrical patterns and health-sustaining energy. We then use the natural tendency toward synchronicity to bring diseased organs back into harmony with the healthy bioelectrical patterns of Tong Ren practitioners, and even more importantly into entrainment with the larger and more powerful Collective Unconscious.  

  Eastern medicine understands that the body has a natural tendency to heal, but requires the normal supply of nutrients and stimuli noted above. This suggests that many cancers and other debilitating illnesses occur because a blockage prevents flow of health-sustaining bioelectric patterns and energy. Tong Ren practitioners work to remove these blockages, and restore the normal flow of nurturing Chi energy. They use an acupuncture figurine as a tool. They apply energy to particular points on this anatomic model with a small magnetic hammer or other methods. They focus their conscious mind on physical locations on the figurine, corresponding to locations on the patient where blockages have occurred. Their rhythmic and habitual tapping produces a connection between the subconscious of the practitioner and the corresponding locations on the patient's body, to break down or open the blockages. This subconscious connection allows entrainment of the diseased organ back to the healthy bioelectrical signals and the vast healing energy of the larger Collective Unconscious.

This occurs with no physical contact, and even works with patients at a distance. Health is usually restored, if the conscious mind does not interfere. The identity of the individual practitioner is immaterial, because the healing power does not come from that practitioner, but rather from the collectively evolving milieu.

Imagine the Tong Ren practitioner as a piano tuner. The tuner's hammer strikes piano wires of errant pitch, so they may be adjusted back into harmony with a series of tuning forks, each producing a complex and healthy collective waveform. The actual retensioning of the cords is accomplished not by the individual tapper, but by an unseen chorus of experts. The accepting recipient feels energetic change, and then the medical tests usually improve.

  Most Tong Ren practitioners have themselves been healed, or have healed loved ones in this manner. Such healing is a powerful yet humbling experience. Practitioners happily welcome people with illnesses incurable by traditional Western or Eastern medicine. They simply act as a conduit to the healing patterns and power of the Collective Unconscious. They are rewarded by the joy and comfort of the healed.

  The practice of Tong Ren is spreading rapidly, and it is now available in at least 40 of the United States, and at least 8 countries. A medical study was published in 2008, evaluating the effect of Tong Ren on 265 patients at 7 different sites in Massachusetts and Connecticut with cancer, autoimmune, endocrine, musculoskeletal and other disorders. 89% of patients responded positively to the Tong Ren Therapy, including healing of numerous cancers and other serious illnesses. Please take a moment to review The Tong Ren Healing Method: A Survey Study – AM Sullivan, S Bauer-Wu, M Miovic - Complementary Health Practice Review, 2008. Additional studies to evaluate the effectiveness of Tong Ren are pending.

Tong Ren Therapy has been developed over the last 25 years by TCM practitioner Tom Tam. Tom is a healer, acupuncturist, Chi Gong and Tai Chi expert, writer and poet living in Boston, Massachusetts. Tom has used Tong Ren to heal thousands of patients, and has trained hundreds of practitioners who are sharing this healing method around the world. Tong Ren is a Complementary therapy, rather than an alternative to traditional medical care. Tong Ren practitioners depend on the patient's physician to diagnose the cause of an illness. They do not practice medicine; they do not diagnose, prescribe, interfere with traditional medical advice, or promise a cure. They DO invite each patient to synchrony with healthy collective patterns and energy, and thereby restore health by healing or stabilizing an ailment. Tong Ren Therapy opens new horizons for medical professionals and other healers, and for anyone hoping to return to health.

Read our Tong Ren Therapy section for more information.  For more information about William, Daly, MD, please see his website.


An Overview of Tong Ren Therapy by William Daly, MD

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Authored by: Chad Dupuis on 9 January 2010

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