Common Acupressure Points for Self-Treatment

By Chad Dupuis
Tagged in Bodywork and Basics

The theories and treatment protocols for acupuncture can be fairly technical, complex, and overwhelming for those seeking to utilize acupressure as a form of self-treatment. In acupuncture, proper treatment requires an appropriate diagnosis in terms relative to acupuncture, which may involve looking at the tongue, checking the pulse, palpating certain points and areas, and asking questions to come to a precise diagnosis. And acupuncture point selection is a complex art and science which takes practitioners years to feel comfortable with.

There are, however, a number of points that are useful for acupressure in the sense that they are easy to apply acupressure techniques with and they have generally useful and precise functions that do not require a more developed diagnosis before use.

Acupressure Point Sections

Some of the more common acupuncture points useful in acupressure are described within our acupressure section along with links for more detailed information. In general, you can hold and/or massage these points for 3-5 minutes or longer until you achieve a change in your condition. As always, it is often best to receive acupuncture first and ask your acupuncturist which points they would recommend for your condition.

  • Note: Acupuncture points are often located by the cun measurement, which is a relative measurement tool.
  • You can click on the point names below to find more information about the point and the meridian name to see a graphic of the meridian.
  • For particular conditions you can read our conditions treated section which offers some of the more commonly used points for a given condition.

Common Acupressure Points for Self-Treatment

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Authored by: Chad Dupuis on 24 May 2015

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